CDS has great success at Displays open day

Crystal Display Systems would like thank everyone that attended our FIRST OF ITS KIND, open day on 9th and 10th of October at our offices in Rochester, Kent.

Customers and prospects saw a full range of Transparent Displays and showcases with the CDS team answering all the questions the attendees had.  These amazing displays blew the visitors away!

Due to the success of the Transparent Display panels (as components) plus the ClearVue finished solution range, CDS has increased the range to meet customer requirements and requests.

On view at the open day were:

  • 22″ and 46″ glass transparent TFT panels with interface solutions – see the ‘guts’ of the Transparent showcase products you have seen videos of.
  • The standard portable 10″ Showcase product.
  • Some variations of the standard 22″ projects
  • 46″ freestanding portrait showcase
  • Matching Touchscreen solutions for interactive applications
  • Media player and Industrial PC based solutions
  • Plus some concepts of possible custom solutions for viewing and discussion.

Our team thanks everyone for taking the time to attend.


Clearly, other projects / products can be discussed.

Best regards
Chris Bartram
Managing Director