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LG industrial TFT Displays


LG Philips TFT displays is one of the largest  manufacturers of TFT panels in the world.

Known for their competitive prices and solid industrial specifications, the LG range is a very popular choice for many applications.

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight TypeNotes
4.3″, 10.9cmLB043WV2-SD01800×480600 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
6″, 15.2cmLA060N01-SD01720×272400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
7″, 17.8cmLB070WV8-SL01800×480450 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
10.1″, 25.6cmLD101WX1-SL011280×800400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
10.4″, 26.4cmLB104S04-TL02800×600250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
11.6″ 29.5 cmLP116WH-6-SLA11366×768300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
12.1″ 30.7 cmLB121S03-TL05800×600450 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
12.5″ 31,8 cmLP125WF-SPB11920×1080400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
15″, 38.1 cmLB150X03-TL031024×768400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
15.6″, 39.6cmLP156WF4-SLB51920×1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
15.6″, 39.6cmLP156WF6-SPB11920×1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
16.4″, 41.7cmLB164WH1-SJA11366×238400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
17″, 43.2cmLB170E01-SL011280×1024400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
19″, 48.3cmLB190E02-SL041280×1024700 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
19″, 48.3cmLM190E0C-SLA11280×1024250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
19″, 48.3cmLB190E02-SL021280×1024330 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
21.5″, 54.6cmLM215WF3-SLC11920×1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
21.5″, 54.6cmLM215WF3-SLK11920×1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23″, 58.4cmLM230WF3-SLD11920×1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23.8″, 60.5cmLM239WR2-SLA11920×1080300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23.8″, 60.5cmLM238WF1-SLE11920×1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
23.8″, 60.5cmLM239WR2-SLC11920×1080350 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
24″, 60.9cmLM240WU9-SLA11920×1200350 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
24″, 60.9cmLM240WU8-SLA21920×1200300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
24″, 60.9cmLM240WUA-SSA11920×1200300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
25″, 63.5cmLM250WQ1-SSA12560×1440300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
26.5″, 67.3cmLM265SQ1-SLA11920×1920300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27″, 68.6cmLM270WQ6-SSA12560×1440300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27″, 68.6cmLM270WQ1-SLC22560×1440350 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27″, 68.6cmLM270WQ3-SLC12560×1440300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27″, 68.6cmLM270WF5-SLM11920×1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
27″, 68.6cmLM270WF5-SLN21920×1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
29″, 73.7cmLM290WW2-SSA12560×1080250 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
31″, 78.7cmLM310UH1-SLA24096×2160300 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
32″, 81.3cmLD320EUN-SEM11920×1080400 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
34″, 86.4cmLM340UW1-SSA13440×1440320 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
42″, 106.7cmLD420EUN-UHA11920×1080700 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN
47″, 119.4cmLD470DUP-SEH11920×10802000 cd/m²LEDIPS, TN

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels, and the LG LCD Panel datasheets are available from us immediately.

The leading manufacturer of TFT panels with high image quality for a wide range of applications offering these long-term available displays in sizes from 7″ to 75″ (17,78 to 119,5cm) which includes benefits such as:

  • Industrial TFT Displays – also with In-Touch
  • Professional TFT displays for public applications up to 75″ with 4k or 85″ with In-Touch
  • Outdoor TFTs up to 3000 cd/m² and with high clearing temperature of the fluid of 110°C against blackening of the display under solar radiation
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Superior IPS wide angle technology
  • also HDR400 (High Dynamic Range)

Of course we are ready to supply completely tested plug-and play kit solutions.


Displays can include in-cell Touchscreen

For the new in-TOUCH TFT displays, LG Display integrates a capacitive multi-touch screen directly into the LCD cell. These displays offer excellent touch functionality and a space-saving design. Reflections are significantly lower than with displays with an external touch screen, so that the contents are easier to read.

The in-TOUCH Displays:

  • are very narrow and light
  • feature a 10-finger multi-touch function,
  • an excellent image quality and
  • IPS wide angle technology


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