Super Slim industrial Monitors

smart panel
Our Super Slim industrial Monitors (also referred to as a smart panel / easy panel) which combine display, display controller and backlight inverter in a single enclosure so that they form an industrial open frame monitor offering great benefits to companies and users.

Perfect for applications where space is an issue, the smart panel is designed to save time and cost of assembling and is very simple to integrate.

Users / Applications include:

  • Monitor manufacturers
  • Assembly houses
  • Ruggedized specialists
  • Kiosk manufacturers
  • Gaming / casino machines
  • Instrumentation companies
  • Small format digital signage
  • AV companies
  • Electronic catalogue resellers
  • Plus many others

The advantages of Super Slim industrial Monitors include the following which give excellent cost of ownership:

  • Purchase one part not 5 (panel, interface card, inverter, data cable, inverter cable)!
  • Customer does not have to source individual components, thus saving time.
  • Compact slim design profile – between only 18mm and 24mm thick!
  • Ease of integration / assembly
  • Less risk of failure during assembly
  • Reduce costs by speeding up assembly time
  • Components optimised and tested before shipping
  • A more rugged design as all components enclosed behind a metal enclosure

Why buy 5 components when you can buy 1 integrated tested solution?

Part NumberScreen SizeResolutionBacklightBrightness (cd/m2)
CDSP1211-L12.1"800 X 600LED450
CDSP1211-A12.1"1024 X 768LED500
CDSP1501L15"1024 X 768LED400
CDSP1500A15"1024 X 768LED400
CDSP1701A17"1280 X 1024LED350
CDSP1851A18.5"1366 X 768LED300
CDSP1901L19"1280 X 1024LED250
CDSP1901A19"1280 X 1024LED300
CDSP2152A21.5"1920 X 1080LED300
CDSP2152L21.5"1920 X 1080LED250
CDSP2302L23"1920 X 1080LED250
CDSP2402A24"1920 X 1080LED300
CDSP2402L24"1920 X 1080LED300

Built with industrial grade components for optimum reliability and competitively priced to meet your budget.

We Can be customize the monitors with touchscreen overlays and additional inputs to tailor them to your application.

For more information on our slimline monitor range please contact us.