Professional providers of a full range of industrial Computing Solutions including boxed PC's and flat panel PC's

Offering an extensive array of industrial Panel PC solutions for our customers is of paramount importance here at CDS. Our solutions feature a high quality and reliable touch panel with excellent display capabilities giving high performance into the smallest package. 

Our all-inclusive industrial panel PC range is also designed to cover all requirements from compact PCs to high performance, PoE panel PCs, rugged IP65 and IP66 models meeting multiple industrial specifications. Touch screen options include resistive, capacitive, SAW and infra-red as well as tempered glass versions. Overall, all offerings have long lifetime supply and support roadmaps ideal for industrial applications.

Here at CDS we are a professional provider of industrial boxed PCs and flat panel PCs. We are a competent solution provider and more importantly a partner. We work with global manufacturers and customers for the most reliable and flexible solutions on the market.

In addition to this, we have multiple years of experience of project management and boast a leading-edge technical knowledge in this field.

Not only this, but we also support our customers with access to the most cost-effective custom-made solutions and cutting-edge technology which sets innovative trends. Similarly, we can offer bespoke and individually designed customised solutions based on our customers requirements.

  • Full range of sizes available – Panel PCs & monitors have options of 4:3 or 16:9 touchscreen displays in sizes 5″ to 32″
  • Multiple interfaces available
  • Diversified configuration
  • Resistive and capacitive touch optional
  • Comprehensive mounting options
  • High brightness upgrades
  • Professional design, simple and stylish
  • Support for Windows, Android, and Linux to give you optimum flexibility
  • Power efficient albeit having high performance Intel processors
  • Environmental protection up to IP66 (IP65 front face is standard on most offerings)
  • More environmentally friendly compared to other offerings on the market with low power consumption and energy saving components
  • Long lifespan due to the reliability and longevity of the products – our industrial computing solutions are built to last with long term availability in mind
  • Suited to all applications – designed for rugged, retail, industrial as well as outdoor markets and applications.

If you only need a boxed PC solution without the display, we can also support you with a fanless design with many options so contact us today.

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