Rugged Transparent for High End Applications

Lumineq Transparent EL Displays (TASEL) modules are ideal for high-end applications as they are perfect for creating a sleek, modern look in situations where aesthetics are essential. They offer a subtle look that creates a first-class viewing experience.

TASEL modules are transparent when not in use, and unused areas of the display remain clear as the rest is illuminated. The display glass is easily customized as it can be drilled or cut making custom designs much simpler. As well as this curved displays and custom shapes are also available fulfilling most design requirements.

Key Features & Benefits;

  • No heaters or coolers needs module performance as low as -60 °C and as high as +85 °C
  • Crisp viewing experience
  • 179° vertical and horizontal viewing angles enable multi-person, off-axis viewing
  • Wide dimming range
  • Emissive pixel technology makes small text more legible than LCDs
  • 200 g force shock durability for the glass
  • Easy to integrate
  • Long product life
  • RoHS II for worldwide compliance

Check out an example spec sheet as below;

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