Here at CDS we have a great range of Small Format TFT LCD Displays, as part of this range we have modules with HDMI input which can work directly with Windows 7/8/10 and X86 systems.

Our low cost embedded Small Format HDMI display modules are high quality IPS TFT HDMI LCDs. Our displays are easy to operate and to install with useful HDMI to TFT.

In addition to this, there is no need for drivers with our range, simply connect the USB port first to the HDMI LCD module, then connect the HDMI port to the TFT LCD.

Our HDMI range can also support Raspbian and Ubuntu mate systems. With a small adjustment to the display resolution the HDMI LCD works perfectly with a Raspbian system. Not only this, the HDMI TFT LCD modules can also support Android systems.

Touch and Custom Options

Simple and low-cost HDMI LCDs are all also available with touch interaction, capacitive touch which gives the user and integrator 5 points of touch with a G+G structure. This is an integrated PCAP touchscreen to create even more ease in design and integration. 

A few from the range have power input via a USB port as well as a USB port for the touch interface.

Our LCDs with HDMI can be used in a variety of applications, including commercial, gaming and industrial.

The HDMI LCD range also includes ultra-wide stretched models with wide extended temperature, ideal for automotive projects.  

Not only this, but we can also offer higher brightness upgrades for the modules making them ideal for outdoor or industrial usage. Consequently, we can also improve them further with a choice of optical bonding methods for premium durability in sunlight readable applications. Even more custom options are available, please contact us for project proposals and assistance.

Compact HDMI TFT LCD Displays Range

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