Super Narrow Bezel High Bright Video Wall Displays

55″ 1500 nit High Brightness LCD with Super Narrow Bezel

This 55″ display combines the benefits of a high brightness display with a super narrow bezel for tiled video wall applications. This model features a full HD 55-inch IPS LCD with a high brightness backlight producing a 1,500 nit image. Each screen comes individually colour calibrated for exceptional color quality and uniformity among multiple displays. With an ultra-slim 5.3 mm bezel-to-bezel width, multiple screens can be placed side by side to create near seamless image.

super narrow bezel




Key Features

  • Super narrow bezel for video wall applications
  • High brightness 1,500 nits
  • IPS panel for superior color uniformity
  • D65 color calibrated
  • Built-in video wall daisy-chaining
  • Low power consumption
  • Direct LED backlit with local dimming
  • EvenGlow uniform backlighting prevents hot spots
  • Blackening defect-free up to 110°C (230°F)

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