The Multi-Monitor Environment & Productivity Improvement with the UM-760C

The UM-760C, an amazing 7″ USB touch monitor product which could provide you with many advantages.

Adding a second or extended monitor to your computer increases your productivity and makes your work day easier by 10 ~ 50%, that is multiple monitor solutions are giving us a productivity solution simply connecting MIMO USB monitor via  just USB port utilizing USB for both power and video input. No additional hardware such as video port, video cable or power adapter required.

UM-760C monitor

Supports a variety of Applications as a second monitor

● Increasing Productivity while using other main screen

– Monitoring Outlook/Mail, viewing and editing word file

● Multi-Media Player to control entertainment

– Watching Movies and Internet Video
– Quick access to toolboxes for online gaming
– Viewing Digital Photo Albums (PC based)

● Messenger for Social Relationship

– Instant Messenger, Internet Phone Applications
– Skype, MSN, Google Chatting
– Access to Facebook and MySpace to watch for friends
– Keep your Twitter Client up all the time.

● Widget Station

– Stock monitoring, Time, Weather, Memo, Viewing Calendars, exchanging rate, google news

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