The Widest Range of Bar Type or Stretch TFT LCDs in Europe

CDS has introduced a number of “Bar Type”, “Letterbox” or “Stretch” style TFT LCD panels and these wide format colour LCDs are becoming very popular including applications such as digital car dashboards to digital signage.

With many monochrome STN LCD’s preferring this letterbox format the transition to a colour display can sometimes be a big issue for both the hardware and software designers. With CDS’s ‘letterbox’ colour displays the same housing can now be considered for the colour upgrade saving designers and engineers valuable time and money.

CDS has a wide range of sizes and resolutions with a number of new models coming soon. Sizes start from a 2.9” with a 2.5:1 aspect ratio, 320 x 120 resolution display up to an 8:3 aspect ratio, 12.3”, 1920 x 720 resolution with wide viewing angle IPS technology panel.

The panel sizes include 3.9” 480×128, 4.2” 240×432, 4.6” 800×320, 5.8” 800×320, 6.5” 800×320, 7.2” 1280×384, 7.9” 1280×400, the 8.8” has 4 different options, one with a resolution of 1920×480 and a MIPI interface and three with a 1280×320 resolution with either a MIPI or LVDS interface, a 9.2” 1280×480, a 10.2” 1920×720 and a 11.9” 1920×480.

CDS wide stretched TFTs

So as you can see CDS has probably the widest range of letterbox / Bar Type displays available and for more information please click here Letterbox Displays.

For more information including data sheets and pricing please email or call our main office on +44 (0)1634 327 420.