Transparent Displays without a Back Light – Can it work?

Over the years, many customers have asked us whether transparent LCDs need LED back lighting and the answer is always YES. However, the ways of getting around using a showcase box with lighting are increasing as the technology moves forward and as it gets pushed to its limits by creative designers and implementers. We see some fantastic installs here at CDS from our customers and are always amazed by how they use the “limitations” of the technology to their advantage and make it work for them and their installs in ways we could never have thought possible.

transparent NBA install

From our experience, the more cool white LED back lighting you can get behind a transparent LCD the more transparent it will look. As well as this the darker the environment around the transparent display, the more punchy the content looks! So in a window install, the ambient light from outside as well as the in-store lighting will both affect the performance of the transparent LCD. For years we have advised that transparent displays aren’t the best performing product in shop window applications. Transparent displays can’t reach their full potential in window displays and are not sunlight readable. For transparent LCDs, the more back lighting behind them the better!

New ways of back lighting transparent displays can be seen through our transparent 3D creation, the ClearVue 3DP soltuion. This uses a transparent LCD and high bright monitor pairing to create a 3D effect and no need for additional back lighting.

Another option is the newly launched transparent OLED, which self emits light! No showcase box needed.

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