Using Digital Signage for Airports

It’s no secret that Airports have always been a hot spot for advertising. As this area becomes more competitive, in terms of technology, it has become essential for advertisers to take advantage of using Digital Signage. Static printed advertising is fast becoming an outdated medium where there is such a strong Digital Signage presence.

The exceptionally high footfall of an international airport makes it a prime advertising location for hundreds of worldwide brands, which is why Digital Signage is being capitalized upon more frequently. Large international airports can have up to 100 million flyers pass through each year, what’s more is that the nature of an airport constricts flyers to particular areas; increasing the influence and impact of any adverts.

A variety of Digital Signage can be utilized for advertising. The most common are Digital Advertising Displays and LCD Video Walls. Digital Advertising Displays are regularly used to help potential customers confirm a last minute purchase. These are often mounted to, or built into, a merchandising stand or can be built into a separate freestanding module. Another form of Digital Signage that is becoming more popular with retailers is Touch Screen Displays. Touch Screens now give retailers the scope to connect with their potential customers in ways that have never been possible. Instant tactile control keeps the dwindling attention span of the customer for longer, establishing a stronger communicational connection making for a more likely return on investment.

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