Using Digital Signage for your Office

There are many arguments which suggest that inward facing digital signage solutions are a more valuable tool for public information dissemination than any other. Digital signage solutions are beginning to replace memos, bulletin boards and many internal emails in office spaces across Europe and globally.

As well as digital signage solutions being more direct, dynamic, attention grabbing and providing more candour than traditional internal communications they also present the chance for businesses to make a real connection with their employees. Although digital signage solutions use LCD panels to achieve a bright and alluring display, narrowcasting internal messages with the correct approach allows businesses to communicate with employees as participants.

Office based digital signage solutions also have the advantage of being constant and current. By giving employees updates on company activity and indicating the direction that the company is taking the employer can let their staff feel like a part of the company and give them ownership over their role. This, in turn, helps employees make better decisions for the benefit of the company.

Office based digital signage solutions allow employers to disseminate a wide range of information, such as sales figures, production status, mission statement, upcoming company events, alerts, safety and compliance notifications and educational messages.

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