Video Walls Versus Projectors for Digital Signage

There is a common misconception within the Digital Signage market that projector systems are the most suitable solution for large display projects; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Super narrow bezel LCD Video Walls have a myriad of advantages over projectors however it is only in recent years that Video Wall solutions have become more popular.

Much of their increased popularity can be attributed to the ever decreasing cost of LCD panels; as this is the main cost of an LCD Video Wall Display.

Overall Picture Quality – No matter what is being displayed, whether it is still images or moving video, LCD technology undoubtedly produces a better quality output. There is the obvious difference of LCD Video Walls producing much deeper colours when compared with the “washed out” effect that using a projector causes.

Suitability for the Location – Using a projector is inevitably going to cause annoying shadows should anyone break the light field in front of the display; this is obviously not the case for LCD Video Walls. Another major factor that notoriously affects projectors is ambient light levels. If the desired location is extremely dark this issue can sometimes be overlooked, however more often than not there is some kind of ambient light.

Harrods videowall

Cost – Although the initial cost of LCD Video Walls may be slightly more, due to the running costs of projectors, the return on investment is much higher. The biggest factor here is the maintenance costs of projectors is extremely high. Lamps are usually replaced once or twice a year, sometimes more, and can cost in the region of £200 to £3,000.

Maintenance – Projectors are infamously difficult to repair when compared with LCD screens. LCD Video Wall Displays are built to last and should rarely require any maintenance during the course of their lifetime. In comparison to this projectors always require regular maintenance, even if it is just to replace the lamp every few months or so.

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