Round TFT HMI Embedded Products

Round HMI embedded TFT displays available in 1.3″, 2.1″, 2.5″ and 3″.


ARM processor, TFT controller, integrated SDRAM, NANDFLASH, […]

July 16th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

The Market for ARM-Based Computers in the UK

CDS in partnership with the German embedded specialist company Garz & Fricke have introduced its ARM based SBCs with semi […]

July 10th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

CDS Offers Garz & Fricke Full Hardware and Software HMI Solutions

As you can see from below CDS and G+F is not just a simple Hardware take it or leave […]

July 2nd, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

CDS and Garz Fricke Give a True FULL SOLUTION PROVIDER Partnership

It became clear when we looked at the support in the embedded world there were only a few companies […]

June 26th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

CDS Embedded HMIs with Android OS

Check out this YouTube video whereby Tim Jaacks, Software Engineer at Garz & Fricke, explains the increasing importance of […]

June 25th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

Low Power Fanless Embedded Boxed PCs

Check out the TBOX-2XX0 series of low power fanless embedded boxed PCs from CDS.

6 models that consist of either […]

June 25th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

Embedded PCs for Machine Vision System Computers

Check out the rugged and compact TBOX-3XX0 Series, a range of embedded boxed PCs ideal for machine vision.

See an […]

June 19th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

Wide Range of ARM Based HMI Products and Services

CDS and Garz Fricke offer a wide range of ARM Based HMI Products and services that add value to […]

June 17th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

The CDS Industrial EtherCAT Boxed PC!

Check out the impressive Taicenn TBOX-4000, an EtherCAT rugged fanless embedded Boxed PC with low power consumption and high […]

June 5th, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|

Embedded HMIs at Embedded World on YouTube

Do you want to learn more about the latest HMI-systems or single components, touch interaction options, displays and ARM-based […]

May 22nd, 2019|Embedded, Home Featured|
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