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CDS Stretched Displays End Of Life Notices

Due to a few of our base panels we cut being made end of life this means a few of our custom built ultra wide stretched and square LCD cutting displays are unfortunately now end of life.

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Please see the list of models as below;

Model NumberDescriptionNote
MO-273-001-SQ-1000-L27. 3", 1000 nits, 945 x 1080, Square LCD MonitorEOL
MO-421-001-SQ-800-L42. 1" (left), 800nits, MaxRGB, 1900 x 2160, Square LCD MonitorIn v2 revision
MO-435-001-EW4K-1000-L43.5", 1000nits, 3840 x 536, MaxRGB, 4K Stretched LCD MonitorEOL
MO-448-001-EW4K-1000-L44. 8ā€, 1000nits, 3840*1076, MaxRGB, 4K Stretched LCD MonitorIn v2 revision
MO-519-001-EW4K-1400-L51.9", 1400nits, 3840 x 1077, 4K Stretched LCD MonitorEOL
MO-574-001-EW4K-1000-L57.4", 1000nits, 3840 x 807, 4K Stretched LCD MonitorIn v2 revision

Do not fret, for many sizes it is only the 4K base panels which are EOL and so a Full HD version of the same size will be available and also many displays are now in revision for a second edition. Please contact us for the new specs if needed.

For more information on Crystal Displays stretched display range please visit http://crystal-display.com/products/stretched-displays/

Or contact them on +44 (0) 1634 327420 or email info@crystal-display.com

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