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Our excellent ClearVue Transparent Showcases (Transparent LCD Display Cases with touchscreen options) help you demonstrate your products in a dynamic and innovative way that will amaze your visitors and create that WOW factor as soon as they enter your store or business!  Interactive Transparent LCD showcases also available in all sizes.

Transparent Showcase
Transparent Showcase exploded

Advantage Of CDS ClearVue Showcases

– Full HD and 4K UHD Displays available

– solid black pixels on a transparent background offer excellent reveal opportunities

– Can be customized upon request (branded, custom colours etc)

– Available with or without touchscreen

– 1080p video playback

– USB, HDMI or Android integrated

– Supports MP4, AVI, MPG, MP2, MP3, AAC and WMA formats

– Industrial Grade Transparent screens for optimum performance and reliability

Our ClearVue showcases are currently available in the sizes shown in the table below.  These are finished products, ready to use out of the box and perfect for counter top advertising, and can include interactive touchscreens.

Typical applications include Retail, Museums, Reception Areas, Exhibitions, Gymnasiums,  Bars / Restaurants and more.

Part NumberDescription LCD Size (Diagonal)ResolutionInterfaceOuter Dimensions (mm)Active Area (mm)
CV097LV1P9.7″ Lite ClearVue, Portrait as standard, not available with touch9.7″768 x 1024 USB & HDMI as stand.277.5 x 198.2 x 150197.5 x 148.2
CV121LV112″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard12.1″800 x 600USB & HDMI as stand.307 x 265 x 207247 x 185
CV150LV115″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard15″1024 x 768USB & HDMI as stand.365.5 x 309.4 x 150305.5 x 229.4
CV190LV119″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard19″1280 x 1024USB & HDMI as stand.455.2 x 380 x 150375.2 x 300
CV215LV121.5″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard21.5″1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.536.9 x 349.1 x 150.2476.9 x 269.1
CV230LV123″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard23″1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.572 x 370 x 300509.18 x 286.41
CV320LV132″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard32″1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.762 x 464 x 200702 x 396
CV430LV143″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard43″1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.1027 x 614 x 350529.4 x 941.2
CV490LV149″ Lite ClearVue, Landscape as standard49″1920 x 1080USB & HDMI as stand.TBATBA
CV101V110.1″ Premium ClearVuePortrait as standard, not available with touch10.1″768 x 1024 USB (optional HDMI)198 x 345 x 176TBA
CV230V123″ Premium ClearVue, Landscape as standard23″1920 x 1080Android Player573 x 435 x 357TBA
CV320V132″ Premium ClearVue, Landscape as standard32″1920 x 1080Android Player808.4 x 502.8 x 401.2698.4 x 392.8

Dimensions are subject to change so please request the latest drawing.

Depth of our showcases can be custom fitted to your requirements.

The transparency of the display is controlled completely by the colour of the content. White is transparent (translucent) but black blocks the light completely, allowing you to make the products appear and disappear before your eyes! The famous REVEAL creates that WOW FACTOR!

We also have the ability to create custom transparent showcases, examples of which can be seen below in our case study examples.

We can make the showcase any size providing we have an existing Transparent LCD panel and the panels can be portrait / landscape plus produced in custom colours with your brand / logo etc.

Some of the many features include:

  • High quality LED Lighting
  • Strong rugged metal housing
  • Low power/energy efficiency
  • Adjustable volume
  • Single power supply with single push button control
  • Highest quality transparent screens
Transparent Showcase
Here is an illustration demonstrating the content on a normal screen compared with the Transparent LCD.

Check out some more examples of Transparent Showcases in action via our YouTube Channel here including some amazing content.

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If you would like to create your own showcases then why not check out our Transparent LCD Panels for integration as well as LED lighting blocks

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