Another Impressive Bar Type Automotive TFT of 8.8 Inches

CDS Introduce the new CDS088WX03-CT, a small scale 8.8 inch LCD TFT for integration. Amazing high performance TFT display with amazing resolution and 540nits of brightness.

With multiple options for touch this TFT is highly versitile and flexible meaning it can be integrated into multiple applications.

Key Features;

–Part Number: CDS088WX03-CT

–Size: 8.8 inch

–Resolution Options: 1280 x 320

–Interface: LVDS & I2C for touch

–Luminance: Typ 540nits

–Viewing angle: 12 o’clock

–Active Area: 162.048 x 121.5 mm

–Operating Temp: -10℃ ~ +50℃

–Touch panel option: RTP or CTP, I2C interface (USB available for projects), DST/ Optical Bonding

–Possible Applications:POS Machine, Handheld devices, Portable devices, Medical devices, GPS, Instruments, Industrial devices

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