CDS and Garz & Fricke Introduce the NEW Tanaro Single Board Computer

New Single Board Computer TANARO


The single board computer TANARO uses the NXP i.MX8M mini processor, which meets the high performance requirements of current video, voice and audio processing, including video resolutions up to 1080p and H.265 decoder. In addition to the interfaces designed for industrial conditions, a highlight is the AV interface for connecting camera and microphone. Together with an appropriate software stack, such as TensorFlow for machine learning, TANARO is ideally suited for future customer projects.

Due to the Garz and Fricke Family Concept, together with the Lifecycle Policy, and CDs’s global distribution network TANARO is available in the UK, USA and other countries as a Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the Flush Mount, Rear Mount and Panel Mount designs from the seven inch budget version up to the current 32 inch.

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