CDS Highlights Some of the Latest BOE TFT LCD Technologies

CDS Highlights Some of the Latest BOE TFT LCD Technologies and Features to our Customers

BOE, the largest manufacturer of TFT LCDs and displays in the world not only offers extremely good pricing but also utilises a number of its own patented technology innovations.  Please see below some of the advantages you could experience when working with CDS and BOE.

Some of the BOE Features are as follows:

Super narrow Bezel DisplaysComprehensively upgraded narrow bezels for laptops to improve their overall portability.

High Colour GamutFluoride fluorescent powder (KSF) LED backlight is matched with high colour gamut film for a standard colour gamut of DCI-P3 100%, improving performance.

‘Peep-proof’ Display – Peep-proof display and one-button switching of shared status make it possible to satisfy the demands of visual angles of different laptops in different application scenarios. Excellent technical innovations from BOE Displays.

8K Bright View3 DisplayBOE’s own Bright view3 technology for UHD pixel geometry is adopted with a pixel density of retinal class of 326ppi fully illustrating the details.  Another great technological innovation from BOE Displays.

CDS BOE videowalls

Narrow Bezel3- and 4-edge narrow bezel design significantly expands the display range for all-around visual enjoyment, integrated bezel-less experience and endlessly expanded visual fields.

Ultra-thin TFTsUltra thin glass LGP is adopted for ultra-thin and all-around slim body design with required mechanical strength.

HDR DisplaysHigh-Dynamic-Range (HDR) technology is adopted to provide two options of side-type and direct-type, which ensures the product performance and ultra-thin appearance simultaneously for high-dynamic contrast.

Top-speed Curved SurfaceA curved surface display for e-sports is featured by the higher response and refresh rate. The curved surface design provides an immersive panoramic view and much better user experience.

Further developments and patents will be announced where appropriate.

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