CDS Range of Freestanding Totem Poster Displays!

In our incredible range of freestanding totem poster displays we have 50” and 55” freestanding displays available as standalone digital posters, networked displays and are also available with touch.

Key Features & Benefits;

  • Built in HD media player
  • Free Scheduling Software included for displaying different content at different times of the.
  • “Ticker Tape” style scrolling text messages available
  • HDMI input, VGA and 5mm audio jack inputs.
  • Space to fit a small PC or media player inside the lockable compartment.
  • Eco-friendly power timer
  • Fitted with a commercial grade LCD panel.
  • 24/7 constant use and a wide viewing angle.
  • No buttons, controls, logos or branding on show.
  • Much brighter than LCD panels found in home TVs or computer monitors.
  • Their tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium surround all add to their captivating tablet-like aesthetics and also protect the internal components from potential damage.

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Double Sided Freestanding Totems

double sided displays

We also have dual sided freestanding displays available in 50”. Double the message with a double sided display. Please check these out here

Outdoor Totems 


As well as this we can offer outdoor versions, available in 49” and 55” also available with touch interaction.

Key Features & Benefits;

  • Ultra-high brightness panel of 2500 nits
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Toughened glass
  • Sturdy enclosure
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • External ports to attach devices
  • Dust Tight
  • Weather proof
  • Lockable wall mount
  • Customisable – networked features, cameras or custom sizes
  • Touch upgrade with 10 point PCAP functionality

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CDS Custom Freestanding

As well as all of this we can also custom design the displays for you with custom colours and adding you logo 😊

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