NEW Mitsubishi TFT panels

We can supply you with the full range of Mitsubishi TFT panels which have an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and long term availability.  These high end panels offer excellent advantages to users.

Mitsubishi Electric produces industrial TFT-LCDs that offer outstanding product stability, as well as long-term availability in sizes that range from 5.7″ (14.48cm) to 19″ (48.26cm”)

Features of Mitsubishi Electric displays are:

  • High clearing temperature of  92 °C makes it suitable for high heat/direct sunlight applications
  • HighBright versions up to 1500 cd/m² for use in sunlight or bright light
  • Durable, industrial TFT displays
  • Wide temperature range

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading producer of TFT displays from 5.7″ (14.48 cm) to 19″ (48.26 cm), offering outstanding product stability and long-term availability.

All Mitsubishi TFT-LCDs offer a wide operating temperature range. The liquid crystals’ temperature in any Mitsubishi TFT display is optimised for outdoor applications.

Mitsubishi TFTs are perfectly suited for long-term industrial applications as they have been designed for maximum optical performance with optimized EMI compatibility (electromagnetic interference).

Furthermore, all Mitsubishi displays can be customized with VGA/DVI/Video kits or digital signage HDMI(HDCP) / DisplayPort / 3G SDI kits (depending on the version)

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For more information and a list of the full range please email or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 292 025