CDS Recommended Thoroughly Tested Range of Power Supplies

Power Supplies from Crystal Display Systems

A CDS we aim to deliver the complete solution to all our customers.

We have thoroughly tested the range of power supplies which we recommend for use with our TFT kits.

These carefully selected power supplies have been evaluated under stringent tests and we are happy to recommend to our customers.

All power supplies are fully RoHS, EISA and CEC compliant

Name Dimensions (WHF) Output Power Storage Temp Manufacturer
LSE9901B1260 110x64x31.5 mm 12VDC/5A 60W typ. -40+70°C Li Shin
RS-100-12 159x97x38 mm 12VD/8.5A 102W typ. -20..+85°C Mean Well
S-150-24 199x110x50 mm 24VDC/6.5A 156W typ. -20..+85°C Mean Well
SP-320-24 215x115x50mm 24VDC/13A 312W typ. -40..+85°C Mean Well
USP-350-24 235.2×101.5x38mm 24VDC/14,6A 300W typ. -40..+85°C Mean Well
SP-750-24 278x127x63.5mm 24VDC/31,3A 751.2W typ. -40..+85°C Mean Well
RSP-1500-24 278x127x83.5mm 24VDC/63A 1512W typ. -40..+85°C Mean Well