Full Line up of Touch Screens from Crystal Displays

Analog resistive Touch Screens are especially suitable for cost sensitive, compact applications.

Capacitive Touch Screens are resistant and suitable for outdoor and publicly accessible applications.

IR Infrared and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technologies especially for hazardous environments and IR for large sizes or applications without glass. IR and SAW Multi Touch products available.

Touch Controllers are connecting the Touch Screens with an RS232 or USB interface over which they are connected to a computer. The touch sensitivity and other features can be set with the driver software.


DMC is a manufacturer of standard Touch Screens with a broad application basis. All Touch Screens have an anti-glare coating and are only available assembled on a LCD TFT display.

5.7″-21.3″ in size

  • Analogue Resistive
  • Capacitive
  • Driver Download

Motouch MTC

Motouch Technology develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of touch screen products with highly developed infrared (IR) technolgoy for indoor and outdoor applications.

IR standard sizes 6.4″ to 103″ R, S- and T-series. Customized sizes up to 150″.

IR Multi Touch Screens 32″ to 70″.

6.4″ – 150 ” size

Eagle Touch

Eagle Touch manufactures Touch Screen products for indoor and outdoor applications. SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Touch Screens available in standard sizes 10.4″ to 23.1″.

Additional sizes available upon request.

SAW Multi Touch Screens in standard sizes 10.4″ up to 32″