The Incredible UM-760, 7″ USB “Mobile Slider” Monitor

Why do you need the MIMO UM-760 USB monitor?

  • Mimo UM-760 USB monitor is a “Mobile Slider” Model
  • UM-760 is a 7 inch USB monitor with the ultra-coolest form factor; slim, sleek, foldable and highly portable adding more
    useful desktop space with USB plug-n-play devices.
  • The integrated base-stand protects the TFT LCD screen from scratches when closed and the screen can be rotated to
    display in landscape and or portrait modes.
  • UM-760 weighs less than a pound and measures less than an inch thick when folded. All power and data provided by
    a single USB cord.

um760 mimo monitor

Supports a variety of Applications as a second monitor;

  • Increasing Productivity while using other main screen – Monitoring Outlook/Mail, viewing and editing word file
  • Multi-Media Player to control entertainment – Watching Movies and Internet Videos, Quick access to toolboxes for online gaming. Viewing Digital Photo Albums (PC based)
  • Messenger for Social Media Relationships – Instant Messenger, Internet Phone Applications- Skype, MSN, Google Chatting, Twitter
  • Widget Station- Stock monitoring, Time, Weather, Memo, Viewing Calendars, exchanging rate, google news