WOW! 3000 nits 47 inch High Brightness LCD is here

47″ 3000 nit High Brightness LCD with Narrow Bezel

CDS launch a 47-inch ultra high brightness professional LCD with IPS technology. With a brightness rating of 3,000 nits, this display features an LED back light for incredible, high contrast picture quality and low power consumption. The display features a 19.8 mm bezel-to-bezel width, perfect for video wall applications in bright environments. Designed for use in direct sunlight, the specially designed LCD panel prevents “blackening defect” caused by high temperatures.

The amount of light emitted by a display is a crucial factor in determining its visual quality. Measured in nits, with one nit representing one candela per square meter, this metric gauges screen brightness. For instance, a screen with 400 nits provides a vibrant and well-lit experience, while a high-end display boasting 1000 nits ensures stunning clarity and detail, especially in HDR content. Black levels, which refer to the darkest parts of an image, play a pivotal role in contrast. Achieving a balance between high screen brightness and deep black levels is essential for an optimal viewing experience. The light source behind the display significantly influences these aspects; a higher nit value, therefore, signifies a more luminous and captivating visual display.

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Key Features

  • Sunlight readable 3,000 nits brightness
  • LED backlit
  • Blackening defect free in direct sunlight
  • 19.8 mm bezel-to-bezel for video wall applications
  • 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 1080p Full HD resolution

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