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All In One Touch PC


With more and more Digital Signage solutions now requiring touch interaction, we are seeing an increase in demand for a suitable PC to drive the solution.

The PC is required to communicate with the touchscreen, and often manage the content and drive the display too.

Installing a complete set up can be tricky, with a separate boxed PC, LCD display and touchscreen overlay, they take up more space, and do not look very attractive with cabling running everywhere.

So with this in mind, we designed our range of All in One Touch PCs.

We have the following standard sizes available;  15.6″, 18.5″, 21.5″.

SAW (Sound Acoustic Wave) and PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touchscreen options.

Various PC options also available including i3 and i5.

Other custom sizes and options available upon request.

With the PC, advertising display and touchscreen neatly assembled into one sleek display with edge to edge glass, it allows you to have one device installed, saving space and looking more aesthetically pleasing.


We are also able to customize the solution with different touchscreen technologies, PC specifications and operating systems etc.

Check them out in the quick YouTube video below;

Check out an example spec sheet below;

For more info on our All in One Touch PCs please contact us.

We have a great Touchscreen Glossary and Comparison available, CLICK HERE to receive them

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