All the Digital Display Requirements for Automotive Dealerships

For Automotive Dealers, it is very important to provide efficient advertising for the public, it is used to grab people’s attention, and to bring them to your business as a consumer. Here are a number of digital displays which will help to attract more people to your dealership.

Pro Com Wall Mount Monitors


Our Wall Mounted Pro Com Monitors utilize the latest LED back lighting technology, meaning that the brightness and contrast is drastically improved as well as reducing power consumption and improving their lifespan. This display is perfect to use when wanting to show company content and to display your logo for everyone to see.

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Freestanding Totems



Freestanding Totems are great to display an array of information that are useful for customers. These can display information such as open/closing times, special offers and much more thanks to the scheduling software that allows you to change content throughout the day automatically. The Freestanding Totems can also include touch and a network upgrade.

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Ultra Slim Shelf Edge Display


The Ultra Slim Shelf Edge is a low cost, “bezel-less” display which is great when displaying company logos and also information such as product prices.

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TLED for Window Display


The TLED is specifically designed for window advertising

The major advantage is being able to display promotional messaging on windows and still be able to see into the store. The display is bright enough to be seen from a distance even in direct sunlight so they are perfect for advertising to passers by.

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Mini Totem for Counter Top Displays


Our mini totem display was created for retailers in need of an eye-catching counter display that does not occupy too much counter space.

With integrated smart software and powerful hardware, the kiosk is thoughtfully designed for commercial use in retail shops, running 24/7.

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Transparent Fridge for Promotions and Wow Factor



Digital Transparent Refrigerators (coolers) offer brands an amazing and unique way of highlighting and promoting their brand message. Including these in stores also adds a “wow” factor, keeping customers engaged.

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 Easy to Use Content Management System

With our Networked Advertising Displays, you can now easily update content for all of you displays, create your own templates and schedule content for whenever you want; giving you complete control over your network.

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