IVO industrial TFT LCDs

IVO industrial TFT LCDs

IVO industrial TFT LCDs – IVO are a Chinese TFT manufacturer, offering very competitively priced panels. They have a small line up, focused on industrial applications but are looking to expand their range in the near future. TFT panel driver boards for IVO industrial TFT LCDs are available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels. IVO is an innovative and renowned manufacturer of high-quality TFT LCD panels and displays, which CDS has  added to our product range. Our IVO TFTs in sizes from 7″ to 27″ (17.78 to 68.59 cm) are characterized by their wide, symmetrical viewing angles and a high resolution, which ensures a very detailed image reproduction.

IVO provide an excellent price performance ratio and CDS offers long-term available industrial TFTs with integrated LED converter in the sizes listed, plus for easy installation CDS offers these TFTs as a complete VIDEO/HDMI/VGA/DP kit solutions. For the MIPI TFT displays. Plus CDS also has matching resistive analog and PCAP (I²C or USB) touch screens, including customised touchscreen solutions. For other manufacturers we have Public Information Displays (PID) for advertising and infotainment which are available in sizes from 29″ (72.64 cm) to 85″ (215.9 cm), with various brightness levels up to 4500cd/m² and can be used in 24/7 permanent operation. The displays provide excellent value for money and long-term availability.

We are also happy to supply ready-to-connect HDMI / VGA / DP kit solutions.

SizePart NumberResolution Brightness
7"M070SWP1-R4800x480500 cd/m²
9"M090SWP1-R0800x480300 cd/m²
10.1"M101GWN9-R01024x600500 cd/m²
10.1"M101GWN9-R21024x600350 cd/m²
10.1"M101AWT9-R21024x600350 cd/m²
10.4"M104GNX1-R11024x 768350 cd/m²
1366x 768200 cd/m²
12.1"M121GNX2-R11024x768350 cd/m²
15"M150GNN2-R01024x768500 cd/m²
15"M150GNN2-R11024x768420 cd/m²
15"M150GNN2-R21024x768420 cd/m²

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