Kyocera (Formerly Optrex) TFT Displays

Kyocera produces Kyocera Optrex LCD TFTs and industrial TFT flatscreens in sizes from 3.5″ to 12,1″providing an outstanding product stability and long-term availability.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Kyocera Display is focused on small and medium size display products, with the display features including exceptionally high contrast, colour saturation and superior performance enhancements such as Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) for true colour fidelity, Super-High Brightness (SHB) and Wide Temperature range.

Features of Kyocera Optrex LCD TFTs:

  • Long life LED Backlight (up to 100K hours)
  • Advanced Wide Viewing Angle ( 85/85/85/85)
  • Super High Brightness (exceeding 1500nits)
  • Built in Constant Current Circuit for LED backlight (CCC)
  • Wide Operating Temperature range
  • Long lifetime and Longevity of product lifespan

The Kyocera Optrex kyocera monitor LCD TFTs range is renowned for its durability, wide temperature range, optimized EMI and wide viewing angles.

Kyocera addresses automotive display applications ranging from Head Up Displays (HUD), instrument clusters, and infotainment products, which incorporate the following key technologies:

  • High contrast, high colour saturation
  • Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) for true colour fidelity
  • Super-High Brightness (SHB)
  • Wide Temperature range.
  • High density, highly transmissive, brilliant displays.
SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight Type
5.7", 14.5 cmT-55265GD057J-LW-ADN320x240500 cd/m²LED
5.7", 14.5 cmT-55265GD057J-LW-ACN320x240400 cd/m²LED
5.7", 14.5 cmT-55548GD057JU-LW-ABN640x480500 cd/m²LED
6.5", 16.5 cmT-51750GD065J-FW-ADN640x480400 cd/m²CCFL
6.5", 16.5 cmT-51750GD065J-LW-AON640x480750 cd/m²LED
6.5", 16.5 cmT-555619GD065J-LW-AAN640x480750 cd/m²LED
7", 17.8 cmTCG070WVLOxPNN-ANx122800x4801000 cd/m²LED
7", 17.8 cmTCG070WVLRxPCx-GDx118800x480500 cd/m²LED
7", 17.8 cmTCG070WVLRxPCx-GDx117800x480500 cd/m²LED
8.4", 21.3 cmTCG084SVLQxPNN-ANx33800x6001200 cd/m²LED
8.4", 21.3 cmTCG084SVLQxPNN-ANx32800x600600 cd/m²LED
10.4", 26.4 cmTCG104SVLQAPNN-AN20800x600400 cd/m²LED
10.4", 26.4 cmTCG104SVLQxPNN-ANx37800x600700 cd/m²LED
10.4", 26.4 cmTCG104XGLPAPNN-AN301024x768600 cd/m²LED
10.4", 26.4 cmTCG104XGLPAPNN-AN401024x7681300 cd/m²LED
12.1", 30.7 cmTCG121SVLQEPNN-AN20800x600450 cd/m²LED
12.1", 30.7 cmTCG121XGLPAPNN-AN201024x768400 cd/m²LED
12.1", 30.7 cmTCG121WXLPxPNN-ANx051280x800500 cd/m²LED
12.1", 30.7 cmTCG121XGLPxPNN-ANx431024x7681200 cd/m²LED

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TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels.

We can also offer our displays with a suitable interface kit, click here to find out more.

For more than 20 years, Kyocera has successfully provided customers the Highest Quality Integrated Solutions:

The Kyocera Value-Added Assembly facilities in Plymouth, Michigan and Tijuana, Mexico consist of state-of-the-art production areas. Features / Advantages include:

  • Class 1K Cleanroom
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled
  • Continuous monitoring and control of ESD
  • Single part number solutions
  • Testing capabilities, barcoding and serialization capabilities
  • Resistive and capacitive touch screen integrations
  • Build-to-print turnkey solutions