Samsung Public Information (PID) Displays

Samsung is the world’s premier large format TFT manufacturer, with its flagship PID range.

This wide range offers panels for both industrial, commercial and retail applications, making them a worthy choice for any project.

Easy control and interfacing as CDS offers industrial VGA / DVI/ eDP (Display Port) / Video / HDMI (HDCP) kits which can all be found here: Controller cards for Samsung Displays


Samsung range including PID:

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight Type
40", 101.6 cmLTI400HN01-01920x1080700 cd/m²Slim E-LED
40", 101.6 cmLTI400HA10-N1920x1080700 cd/m²LED
46", 116.8 cmLTI460HN08-01920x1080700 cd/m²LED
46", 116.8 cmLTI460HN09-01920x1080500 cd/m²LED
46", 116.8 cmLTI460HZ01-V1920x10805000 cd/m²LED
46", 116.8 cmLTI460HF01-V(0)1920x10802500 cd/m²LED
48", 121.92 cmLTI480HN01-01920x1080700 cd/m²Slim E-LED
48", 121.92 cmLTI480HN02-01920x1080500 cd/m²Slim E-LED
55", 139.7 cmLTI550HN06-01920x1080700 cd/m²LED
55", 139.7 cmLTI550HN08-V1920x1080500 cd/m²LED
55", 139.7 cmLTI550HN07-01920x1080450 cd/m²LED
55", 139.7 cmLTI550HN15-01920x1080380 cd/m²E-LED
55", 139.7 cmLTI550FN013840x2160500 cd/m²Slim LED
55", 139.7 cmLTI550HF04-V(0)1920x10802500 cd/m²LED
75", 190.5 cmLTI750FN01-V3840x2160600 cd/m²LED
75", 190.5 cmLT750HF01-V(0)1920x10802500 cd/m²LED
98", 248.92 cmLTI980FN01-V3840x2160500 cd/m²LED

Samsung’s Public Information Displays (PIDs) are excellent for displaying all digital information on advertising and information systems, such as digital signage:

  • Well suited for use in Point of Information Displays, digital signage, kiosk and many other applications.
  • Robust for for automation as well as electronic advertising and information displays
  • Also excellent for displaying still images also.

Samsung PID product benefits include:

  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • Optimized for sun readability
  • Super-High-Brightness versions for outdoor applications up to 3500 cd brightness!
  • Long-term availability and support directly from CDS and Samsung Semi UK.

Beautifully visible whether in bright sunlight or at night.


Open frame Options: CDS includes Samsung Monitor and Public Information (PID) displays in its open frame monitors for those customers that do no have time or do not want to get involved in developing metal housing or mounting plates, but prefer a one stop solution which CDS offers.  These can be found here: Open Frame Monitor solutions

If you need smaller quantities and not a complete box or palette  then let us know as we have developed special boxes which guarantee safe transport of these fragile glass items.


Touch Interactive versions?  You can find details of our touch monitors here, although the above open frame monitors are also available as touch interactive versions including Resistive, Infra-Red, SAW and PCAP versions: Touch Monitors


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