Samsung TFT Displays

Samsung is the world’s Largest  TFT manufacturer.

vast range offers panels for both industrial and retail applications, making them a worthy choice for any project.

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels

Samsung range:

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight Type
40", 101,6 cmLTI400HA10-N1920x1080700 cd/m²LED
46", 116,8 cmLTI460HN08-01920x1080700 cd/m²LED
46", 116,8 cmLTI460HN09-01920x1080500 cd/m²LED
46", 116,8 cmLTI460HZ01-V1920x10805000 cd/m²LED
46", 116,8 cmLTI460HF01-V(0)1920x10802500 cd/m²LED
55", 139,7 cmLTI550HN06-01920x1080700 cd/m²LED
55", 139,7 cmLTI550HN08-V1920x1080500 cd/m²LED
55", 139,7 cmLTI550HF04-V(0)1920x10802500 cd/m²LED
70", 177,8 cmLTI700HD011920x1080600 cd/m²CCFL
70", 177,8 cmLTI700HA02-01920x1080400 cd/m²LED
75", 190,5 cmLT750HF01-V(0)1920x10802500 cd/m²LED
82", 208,3 cmLTI820HT-L011920x1080600 cd/m²CCFL

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