Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels from AUO

stretched display Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels AUOstretched display Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels AUO





Native AUO bar type displays for various projects. Available in a VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/Video kit. Displays include a special controller board firmware which makes sure that the OSD menu is completely visible on the display.

SizeTypeResolutionBrightnessViewing Angle v/hTemp RangeInterfaceRemarks
15.1" (38.4 cm)G151EVN01.01280 x 248300 cd/m² LED178°/178°0...+50°C, -20...+60°CLVDS
19" (48.3 cm)G190SF01.V01680 x 342300 cd/m² LED178°/178°0...+50°C, -20...+60°CLVDS
28" (71.12 cm)P280HVN02.01920 x 360700 cd/m² LED178°/178°0...+50°C, -20...+60°CLVDS
37" (93.98 cm)P370IVN01.01920 x 5401000 cd/m² LED89°/89°-20...+60°CLVDS
37" (93.98 cm)P370IVN02.01920 x 540700 cd/m² LED89°/89°-20...+60°CLVDS
38.2" (97 cm)P380IVN01.01920 x 570700 cd/m² LED178°/178°0...+50°C, -20...+60°CLVDSbox 6 / palette 36

Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panel Offering from LG

stretched display Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels AUO

stretched display Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels AUO

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessViewing Angle v/hOp. Temp RangeInputDimensions
86" (218.44 cm)MO-860-001-EW-500-LG3,840 x 600 (UHD)500 cd/m² LED178°/780°0...+40°C HDMI, DP, OPS, DVI-D, USB2.0, USB3.0, SD Card2,158.3 x 348.5 x 81.7mm

This impressive LG 86 inch Ultra-wide Stretch display is a new signage format with a 58:9 widescreen that can display dynamic content depending on the user’s installation environment. (E.g. airports, subways, banks, art galleries, or retail stores).

Key Features include 500 nits of brightness and a new design configuration with Ultra HD Resolution (3840 x 600).

Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels from Samsungstretched display Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels AUO

New Samsung Native (no cut) Ultra-Wide Stretched Panel Series. Ultra-wide stretch bar type TFT displays for digital signage and public transport, suitable for panoramic content view or applications for Transportation, Automation and Digital Signage.


Also suitable for ticket and vending machines with ultra-wide aspect ratio and outdoor requirements.

Part NumberSizeResolutionBrightnessNotes
LTI290LN0129"1920 x 54050016:4.5
LTI290LN0229"1920 x 540100016:4.5
LTI370LN0137"1920 x 54070016:4.5
LTI370LN0237"1920 x 540150016:4.5

Native Stretched Overview;Stretched display native stretched display Ultra-Wide Stretched Native LCD Panels

– High quality due to native, no cut production process

– 16 : 4.5 Format

– Brightness: High and Super High Brightness Versions

– Resolution: Half FHD -1920 x 540

– Small black Bezel for easy Design-In

– 24/7 PID

– High Tni 110°C (Clearing Point)

– Anti-glare

– No Black Mura

– Green product – no electronic waste like for cut panels

Please note these are PANEL ONLY without housing.

We can offer an interface card solution with VGA, DVI or HDMI inputs. Visit our Interface Card webpage for more info.

Innolux Version

SizeTypeResolutionBrightnessViewing Angle v/hTemp RangeInterfaceRemarks
29" (73.7 cm)S290AJ21920 x 5401000 cd/m² LED178°/780°0...+50°C, -20...+60°CLVDSBox 8


CDS also offers sunlight readable Bar Type / ultra-wide stretched displays up to 2.000 nits on request.

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