Innolux (Formerly Chimei Innolux / CMI)

Innolux is one of the worldwide leading TFT manufacturers. The range covers 6,95″ 18,5″ displays, renowned for their wide viewing angle in all directions and with wide temperature ranges; Operating Temp -30 to +85°C and Storage Temp of -40 to +95°C.

Therefore, these displays are perfect for industrial applications as well as multimedia and advertising applications even outdoors.

Innolux guarantees a minimum availability of 5 years from product launch, so perfect for long term applications which need long term availability.

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels.

Innolux range:

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessInterface
6.95", 17,5 cmG070Y3-T01800x480500 cd/m² LEDTTL
7", 17,8 cmG0702-L01800x480500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
8", 20,3 cmAT080TN64800x480450 cd/m² LEDTTL
10.4", 26,4 cmG104V1-T03640x480500 cd/m² LEDTTL
10.4", 26,4 cmG104S1-L01800x600450 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4", 26,4 cmG104X1-L031024x768350 cd/m² LEDLVDS
10.4", 26,4 cmG104X1-L041024x768500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1", 30,7 cmG121S1-L02800x600600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1", 30,7 cmG121X1-L031024x768600 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1", 30,7 cmG121X1-L041024x768500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
12.1", 30,7 cmG121I1-L011280x800400 cd/m² LEDLVDS
13.3", 33,8 cmG133IGE-L031280x800500 cd/m² LEDLVDS
14.1", 35,8 cmG141C1-L011440x900250 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15", 38,1 cmR150XJE-L011024x768350 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15", 38,1 cmG150XGE-L041024x768400 cd/m² LEDLVDS
15.4", 39,1 cmG154I1-LE11280x800450 cd/m² LEDLVDS
18.51", 46,9 cmG185BGE-L011366x768300 cd/m² LEDLVDS
28", 71,1 cmM280DGJ-L303840x2160300 cd/m² LEDV-by-One

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