Open Frame USB Touch-Monitors

Open Frame USB Touch-Monitors – The Open Frame Monitor series come from Mimo’s long year’s know-how of customised LCD solutions for existing and future markets, combining leading-edge touch screen and electronic technologies. Our new line-up of open frame products supports a user-friendly mechanical design that enables customers to get a Zero-Bezel design with slim and light  features allowing efficient integration into any embedded applications.

Open Frame Monitor Products contain a wide variety ranging from single components – such as controller board, TFT LCD kits and VESA mounting with integrated bracket – to complete system solutions built around TFT displays (diagonal sizes in 3” to 42”) for commercial and industrial use with application in such areas as digital signage, POS, automation, measurement engineering, medical instruments, and other mobile and embeded ICT applications. Also it offers other attractive choices with touch screen integration such as resistive and projected capacitive.The in-house developed products match various technical requirements with wonderful benefits and extra features for every business domain on entry-level, mid-range and high-end applications at a globally competitive price.
Open Frame USB Touch-Monitors – Our coverage of the neat USB touch monitor range includes Mimo um760cf, Mimo um 760, Mimo magic touch, Mimo Monitors, magic touch touchscreen, Mimo online shop, USB Touchscreen monitor, and touchscreen monitor USB.
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