Sharp industrial TFT Displays

Sharp industrial TFT Displays

Sharp is one of the most recognized TFT manufacturers in the world today. Known for their specialist displays and excellent  specifications, their displays are suitable for both retail and industrial applications.

With extensive experience in liquid crystal display technologies and considerable manufacturing capacity, Sharp supplies reliable, high-quality LCD modules for a vast range of applications.

Pioneering research in the field of LCDs has led to the development of a number of breakthrough Sharp technologies such as our ultra-low power Memory in Pixel displays and more.

Sharp LCD technologies ensure the highest optical performance and resolutions. Browse our wide selection of standard LCD displays for use in consumer electronics, automotive, industrial automation, medical, home appliances, multimedia, and digital signage applications.

Automotive displays

Sharp’s ground-breaking Free Form Display has set the automotive world abuzz. Now, automakers and OEM suppliers can integrate display panels in shapes and sizes never seen before. With 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing high-end displays and other components for automotive applications, Sharp Devices Europe also supplies the European automotive industry with a full line of LCD technologies.

And there are more innovations waiting for you at Sharp, such as our 3D displays. Or our progressive superview technology (PSV), which increases sunlight readability to enhance safety and comfort. Pioneering Sharp Dual View displays allow drivers and co-pilots to view different content on the same screen simultaneously.

These pioneering technologies combined with Sharp’s extensive consumer electronics experience enable OEMs to succeed at what may be their toughest challenge: delivering in-vehicle experiences that live up to the standards set by the latest consumer electronics.

TFT panel driver boards available for Sharp industrial TFT Displays including – VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels.

SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessBacklight Type
15.6", 39.6 cmLQ156M1LG211920x1080600 cd/m²LED
19.0", 48.3 cmLQ190E1LX751280x1024350 cd/m²LED

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