Zytronic Projected Capacitive Touchscreens








The unique feature of the Zytronic Projected Capacitive Touchscreens is the sensor embedded within the touch glass, ensuring long product life and durability. In addition to the standard versions a wide range of custom touchscreens from 5.7″ up to 82″ diagonal can be supplied in thicknesses from 3mm right up to 15mm thick for applications requiring more rugged solutions, like public kiosks.

Zytronic also now offer multitouch options for all touchscreen sizes.

Part NumberDiagonal SizeThickness
ZYBX6-5.00086.5" (16.51 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX7-0.00057" (17.78 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX8-4.00118.4" (21.34 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX10-4.001710.4" (26.42 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX12-1.001612.1" (30.73 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX12-1.006412.1" (30.73 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX15-1.008015.1" (38.35cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX15-4.000315.4" (39.12cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX17-1.002917.1" (43.43 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX19-0.001119" (48.26 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX12-1.007319" (48.26 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX21-7.000621.1" (53.59 cm)4mm, anti glare
ZYBX22-0.002322" (55.88 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX23-2.000223" (58.42 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX24-0.000524" (60.96 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX26-0.000726" (66.96 cm)3mm, anti glare
ZYBX32-0.004132" (81.28 cm)4mm, anti glare
On request40" (101.6 cm)4mm, anti glare
ZYBX46-0.004646" (116.84 cm)4mm, anti glare
ZYBX55-0.000355" (139.7 cm)4mm, anti glare
On request70" (177.8cm)6mm, anti glare

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