Slimline Freestanding Advertising Displays

Our Slimline Free Standing Digital Advertising Displays deliver the perfect digital signage solution and are perfect for space saving applications. Completely […]

mini totem touch

Mini Totem Advertising Display

  Built for retail and public use Our mini totem display was created for retailers in need of an eye-catching […]

clever canvas

Clever Canvas Menu Board

Easiest Digital Signage Solution in the Market – The Clever Canvas   With a very wide range of  Digital signage […]

media players

Media Player Display

Digital Media Players               CDS have a wide range of commercial grade Media players.  […]

slimline network displays

Networked Displays

Networked Digital Advertising Displays                   A wide variety of our digital signage […]

slimline digital advertising display

Slimline Wall Mount

Our Slimline Wall Mount Android Digital Advertising Displays deliver the perfect digital signage solution. Completely standalone solution utilizing the latest […]