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CDS Introduces BOE TFT Panels into the UK. Why BOE?…

Well you may not know BUT BOE is the world’s largest manufacturer of small and medium sizes LCD modules, […]

August 14th, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

Get CDS’s LCD Technologies Overview

CDS has compiled an excellent LCD Technology overview including the following technologies to give you an easily understandable and […]

August 7th, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

High Definition, High Brightness Displays from BOE

Check it out, CDS are now offering the incredibly impressive BOE displays. BOE are a leading global manufacturer of […]

July 10th, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

CDS are Working Towards ISO9001 Certification

Due to CDS expanding its business and customer base including medical and military related industries we are pleased to […]

June 25th, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

CDS Introduces AUO’s New Compact 3840 x 2160 TFT Display

With the growth of new 4K TFT displays the 15.6” (yes 15.6” UHD!)

B156ZAN03.1 from AUO has an impressive 3840 […]

June 20th, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

We have the High Resolution for you with 4K Displays

Full range of high resolution 4K displays available from CDS.

Check out our full list of 4K TFT offerings from […]

May 21st, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

CDS Adds to its Industrial TFT Panel Range

CDS has increased its range of industrial TFT LCD panels with the focus across the whole being to offer […]

May 11th, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

New Letterbox 1280 RGB x 240 Pixels from CDS

The CA090AWX01HS has a resolution of 1280(RGB) x 240 pixels with a super compact 237.0 x 58.95 x 4.0mm […]

May 1st, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

Special Offer on Stocked P320HVN01.1

Check our latest offer for the New Year on our AUO P320HVN01.1 TFT kits including Digital View SVH19204 HD […]

January 2nd, 2018|Home Featured, TFT Displays|

Tiny 1.44 inch Letterbox TFT LCD Panel

CDS introduces 1.44″ Letterbox industrial TFT LCD panel with Touch screen option
Our cutting-edge 1.44” “Letterbox” TFT LCD is the […]

December 22nd, 2017|TFT Displays|
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