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Transparent Display Panels

The long awaited and greatly anticipated new range of long term available Transparent LCD displays are here and despite Samsung, LG, Hyundai and others discontinuing their transparent displays, CDS have continued to develop a wide range of translucent solutions! Transparent (also known as translucent) displays offer a really interesting concept for the POS market place as well as unique applications such as transparent showcases and kiosks. The possibilities of this new technology really are very exciting. Imagine the customer experience of the brand and the store using this cutting edge technology? We really think it could set a new standard for POS Display.
SizePart NumberResolutionBrightnessOperating Temp
1.77"YB-TG128160S12A-N-A 128 x 160250 cd/m²-20~70
2.0"YB-TG176220S12A-N- A
176 x 220150 cd/m²-20~70
2.4" *YB-TG240320S23A- N-A
240 x 320450 cd/m²-20~70
2.8"YB-TG240320S24 A-N-A
240 x 320300 cd/m²-20~70
2.8" *YB-TG240320S26A-C-A240 x 320280 cd/m²-20~70
2.8"YB-TG32064CO1A-N-A2320 x 64300 cd/m²-20~70
3.5"YB-TG320480S 05A-N-A
320 x 480300 cd/m²-20~70
3.5" *YB-TG320240S16A-N-A320 x 240200 cd/m²-10~70
5.0" *YB-YG800480S04A-N-A0800 x 480300 cd/m²-10~60
7.0"YB-TG80048 0S22A-N -A800 x 480500 cd/m²-20~70
7.0"7.0+RTP YB-TG800480S 21A-T-A 0 800 x 480210 cd/m²-20~70
7.0"YB-TG1024600S07A-N- A1024 x 600500 cd/m²-30~85
7.0" *YB-TG800480S21A-N-A0 800 x 480220 cd/m²-20~75
9"YB-TG800480S23A-N-A800 x 480300 cd/m²-20~70
10.1"YB-TG1280800S06B-N-A01280 x 800350 cd/m²-20~70
10.1"YB-TG1280800S06B-C-A01280 x 800350 cd/m²-20~70
10.1"YB-TG1024600S08A-N-A1024 x 600500 cd/m²-30~85
12.1"YB-TG1024768S02A-N-A1024 x 768350 cd/m²-20~70
Each of the above is supplied with a compatible  HD media player or compatible interface kit, like this: Power supplies and IR Touchscreens are also available (multi touch options) These transparent displays are designed for integration within your own housing / chassis. Please note as the displays do not have a backlight you will need to integrate a light source behind the display to gain the transparency.
The datasheet for the media board we ship with our transparent displays can be downloaded by clicking HERE
If you are not looking to build your own product but to simply purchase a finished product like the above plug and play solutions, please click here for details of our ClearVue showcases and here for details on the transparent LCD refrigerator.
For  examples of our transparent displays in real applications, click here to visit our case study page.
Alternatively if you have any questions please click here to contact us.

Transparent LCD Manufacturing Process

Have you seen our new stretched transparent displays? Click here for details

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