Transparent LCD Screens, Panel & Kits for integration

Transparent LCD screens and Displays are the latest innovation in Transparent LCD technology, opening up a wide range of new opportunities in retail, marketing, shopfitting and integration.






Here at CDS we have our own range of transparent screens / displays and transparent video screens manufactured for us, and as we control the manufacturing, we can not only offer more sizes than anyone else in the world, but also guarantee stable supply, long term availability LCDs with amazing quality.  We have replaced the Samsung Transparent Displays / see through Displays and LG Transparent OLEDs that are no longer available!

The technology allows you to display information / promotions on the digital display, whilst allowing you to see through it.


The Transparent screens / Transparent video screens have a transparency of circa. 15-20% and require a backlight and are optimised when in a housing or showcase.

We recommend LED backlights rated at a colour temperature of 6000K (Kelvin).  As a part of our support products we can also offer you LED backlights as seen here to help optimise your product:

LED strips



  • Standard Diagonal Screen Sizes: 10″ to 86″
  • Up to 4K UHD resolution
  • Media Board with VGA, HDMI and USB to support local media playback
  • Remote IR sensor
  • Optional PCAP and IR Multi Touch Screens


  • Standard sizes for legibility and compatibility with existing content
  • No special software required
  • Stunning high resolution images
  • Industrial grade LCD solutions for optimum performance and reliability
  • Connect to existing Media Players, PCs and more via HDMI

From placing in front of a product in store, and displaying promotional videos, to being used in front of artefacts at a museum showing facts relating to the object.  We can even add touch interaction with multi-touch sensors available for all our transparent displays / see through screens / see through touch screens. Each transparent LCD is sold as a kit, and includes the display, media board, cables and power supply.

The media board has an on-board media player, so you can upload your content via USB drive or the board has a HDMI port if you want to use your own PC / media player*  (*7″ kit only has DVI & VGA).

Diagonal SizePart NumberResolutionOuter Dims (mm)Display Area (mm)SurfaceFrame?Manufacturer
5.7"LCD-057-TRN640 x 480146.96 x 115.02 118.96 x 89.92 GlareNoCDS
7"LCD-070-TRN800 x 480183.8 x 117.8 153.7 x 85.7 GlareNoCDS
9.7"LCD-097-TRN1024 x 768227.7 x 194.35197.5 x 148.2 GlareYesCDS
15"LCD-150-TRN1024 x 768337.3 x 327.65 305.2 x 229.1 GlareYesCDS
21.5"LCD-215-TRN1920 x 1080513.8 x 343.5474.9 x 267.1GlareYesCDS
23"LCD-230-TRN1920 x 1080551.9 x 364508.6 x 286GlareYesCDS
27"LCD-270-TRN1920 x 1080636.8 x 417.5596.7 x 336 GlareYesCDS
32"LCD-320-TRN1920 x 1080739.2 x 497 700.3 x 395.3GlareYesCDS
43"LCD-430-TRN1920 x 1080985.6 x 662.61 943.2 x 531.41GlareYesCDS
49"LCD-490-TRN1920 x 10801124.4 x 693.91077 x 606.5GlareYesCDS
55"LCD-550-TRN1920 x 10801264.4 x 819.1 1212.4 x 682.6 GlareYesCDS
65"LCD-650-TRN1920 x 10801485.4 x 9521430.48 x 805.52GlareYesCDS
70"LCD-700-TRN1920 x 10801601.6 x 1065.81549.44 x 871.56GlareYesCDS
75"LCD-750-TRN3840 x 2160 (4K)1720 x 10001649.6 x 928GlareYesCDS
86"LCD-860-TRN3840 x 2160 (4K)2013 x 1300 1897 x 1068GlareYesCDS

These transparent displays are designed for integration within your own housing / chassis. Please note as the displays do not have a back light you will need to integrate a light source behind the display to gain the transparency.

You can download our Transparent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clicking here

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We can also offer the media player PCB inside a metal enclosure, this helps protect the board and also makes installation easier.  To download the datasheet for the media board, please click here.

Transparent Media Player Enclosure

Please let us know when you enquire if you would like us to install the board inside the metal enclosure for you.


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Interested in a finished product? Check out our ClearVue range of Transparent LCD Showcases

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