With the demand for Transparent LCD displays increasing we have seen more and more innovative applications for the unique technology.

Here are a few examples:


Where? = Flagship NBA Store, New York NBANBA

Product? = Transparent LCD showcase designed with our LCD display

Display? = 1 x 84″ transparent LCD display, 3840 x 2160 4K display


Planet Hollywood

Where? = Disney Springs Resort, Planet Hollywood Restaurant, OrlandoPlanet_Hollywood

Product? = Transparent LCD showcase designed with our LCD display showcasing the famous outfits worn by the stars

Display? = 4 x 70″ transparent LCD display,



Where? = Intel HQ, United Kingdom.

Product? = Custom 47” freestanding and 22” counter top Transparent showcases.

Display? = 1 x 46” and 1 x 22” Transparent Displays




Where? = Numerous Sports stores throughout the UK including Sports Direct, Oxford Street, London England

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for Predator soccer boot

Display ?= 21.5” FULL HD Transparent Display




Where? = Harrods, London England

Product? = Promotional lectern for Predator soccer boot

Display? = 22” Transparent with interactive touch




Where?= CASIO STORE, Covent Garden London England

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for G Shock watch

Display ?= 22” Transparent with motion sensor to prime and begin content




Where? = Volkswagen Exhibition stand, IAA Expo Frankfurt, Germany.

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for VW history and technology.

Display? = 3 x 70” Transparent Displays.



Ingersollingersoll logo

Where? = Baselworld, Basel, Switzerland

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for Ingersoll watches

Display ?= 10” custom brushed aluminium Transparent showcase with custom logo and content.



Holcim EcuadorLogoHolcim_300

Where? = Holcim, one of the world’s largest building materials’ companies, Ecuador.

What? =  Exhibition stand & Entrance hall exhibit.

Product? = Unique Promotional Tool

Display? = 1 x 70” Transparent Display with touch screen.



Science Museum


Where? = Science Museum, London England

Product? = 7 showcases in the 200 years of Technological development exhibition

Display? = 21.5” Transparent with interactive touchscreen using MAC drivers.



Chivas Regal

Where? = Dubai Airport Duty Freechivas

Product? = Promotional Point Of Sale for historical Blended aged whiskey

Display? = 37” Transparent custom showcase (in portrait) with custom size and colour scheme. Internal suede finish.



Hard Rock Caféhard rock cafe

Where? = Orlando, Florida Restaurant

Product? =  The Beatles classic music memorabilia

Display? = 21.5″ Full HD transparent LCD integrated into a showcase



Where? = Duty Free in an airportsmirnofff

Product? =  Cocktail making with Smirnoff Vodka

Display? = 32″ Full HD transparent LCD integrated into a showcase




Where? = Nike, Department Store Londonnike

Product? =  Nike new range of trainers

Display? = 15.6″ Transparent landscape showcase for show promotion



The Galaxygalaxy sign

Where? = The Galaxy Store, South Korea

Product? =  Designer Suits and high end tailored clothing

Display? = 70″ Transparent portrait showcase for shore promotion



Artistic Stained Glass Windowstransparent lcd displays

Where? = London

Product? =  Artistic stained glass window displays

Display? = 47″ Transparent portrait LCD panel


Museum Designs transparent displays

Where? = Popular Museum in Europe

Product? =  “Excavations” Credit Patrick Hough, 2015. Project exploring the convergence between cinema, technology and museology.

Display? = 21.5″ Transparent portrait LCD panels


Charriol High End Watch Promotion charriol watch

Where? = Charriol Expo stand, Baselworld, Switzerland.

Product? =  High end promotion at world class watch and jewellery show.

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCD.


Transparent Restaurant

Where? = Eatsa Restaurant, USAeatsa

Product? =  Querky Interactive Restaurant using transparent technology to produce food orders instead of people

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCDs.



Gamechangers- PUMApuma logo

Where? = Sports Retail Outlet, Oxford Street, London

Product? =  Transparent Showcase box displays with amazing content to show ‘Gamechanging” Puma football boots.

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCD Showcase.



Technical Company- Autoliv autoliv-inc-logo

Where? = CES Exhibition Stand, Las Vegas

Product? =  Transparent Showcase box displays with amazing content to show their products and capabilities!

Display? = 47” Full HD Transparent LCD Showcase.


Johnson & Johnson’s Impressive Transparent Exhibition Booth Johnson__and__Johnson

Where? = 51st EASD Annual Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, 14-18 September 2015

Product? =  Transparent LCD used for Showcase box displays with amazing content to show their products and capabilities!

Display? = 21.5” Full HD Transparent LCD Panel and component kit for integration.


Aviator’s Show Stopping Transparent Extravaganza at Baselworld

Where? = Basel World, Watch and Jewellery Show March 2016aviator transparent

Product? =  Transparent LCD used for Showcase box displays at an exhibition show with amazing content and product placement to show their amazing high class watches and historical background!

Display? = 2 x 55” Full HD Transparent LCD Panels and component kits for integration.



Volvic Impress all with Transparent Display at Bluewater

Where? = Bluewater Shopping Centre volvic transparent display

Product? =  Transparent LCD used for Showcase box displays at popular shopping centre in the UK with amazing content and product placement to show off new flavoured mineral water.

Display? = 32” Full HD Transparent LCD Panels and component kits for integration.



Electrosonic’s Transparent Showcase for Eventimage

Where? = CBRE Event

Product? =  ClearVue Showcase displaying a bottle of champagne.

Display? = ClearVue Lite 10.1″ (1024 x 600) Transparent Showcase.



The Spark Returns to Cragside Thanks to Transparent Displays

Where? = National Trust at Cragside House, Northumberland.


Product? = Lord Armstrong’s publication ‘Electrical Movement in Air and Water’ are being reconstructed in front of your very eyes by Mr Britton and Mr Moore from within the Spark Cabinet.

Display? = 2 x 9.7″ Portrait Transparent LCD TFT Display Kits for integration



Phanta Visual Amaze at the Museum Vakdagen Showphanta visual

Where? = Museum Vakdagen Show

Product? = Amazing Exhibition stand with a wide range of digital displays to attract passers-by

Display? = 10″ Transparent ClearVue showcase box, Mini Totem, Wide Stretched shelf edge display



Sea Life Centre Brings Transparent Technology to the Ocean

Where? = Sea Life CentreSealife Logo

Product? = Combining the digital translucent technology with the actual fish and ocean animals to create and amazing fit between real products / animals and technology.

Display? = Transparent LCD & kit integration display



Popular Jewellery Brand Utilise Transparent LCD Technology

Where? = German Jewellery Storetransparent watch

Product? = 21.5″ transparent LCDs are paired with a showcase box and backlight to create a fabulous digital advertising display. With the use of clever content the high end watches are hidden and then revealed for an impressive effect as well as getting a promotional message across to boost sales.

Display? = 21.5″ Transparent LCD & kit integration display



Transparent Display Boosts Interest at Museum

Where? = German MuseumTransparent museum

Product? = 47″ transparent LCDs are joint with a showcase box and backlight to create an interactive touch display where Museum visitors can engage with the artefacts without damaging them.

Display? = 47″ Transparent LCD & kit integration display



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